There’s good, there’s better, and then there’s BihlerFLEX®. A company committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing products of the highest quality that perform to the most demanding standards while delivering outstanding value.

A great example of these standards is FlexaPure®, our exclusive rubber and latex-free material. Super strong and flexible, FlexaPure® safely stretches up to twice its original length and has excellent memory retention. Products made with it won’t wear out or lose shape. FlexaPure® is incredibly versatile and can be used in an endless variety of applications.

BihlerFLEX® makes FlexaPure®, and FlexaPure® makes the difference in our pet and bungee products. That’s why they’re not only the best; we think they’re perfect.

As part of our ongoing mission, BihlerFLEX® welcomes and encourages partnerships with individuals and companies that share our vision and values, and who are committed to creating exceptional products for business and consumer alike. If you’re driven to being the best, contact us today at 908-329-9136.


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