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BihlerFLEX® products are made of FlexaPure® – a proprietary formula, free of rubber and latex, that withstands exposure to salt water, ozone, oil, diesel, fuel and more. This exclusive compound delivers outstanding performance under a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions. Made in America, our FlexaPure® products are resistant to cracking, breaking, splitting or becoming brittle, and will perform with flawless reliability year after year.

How it works

1. The three parts of the proprietary mixture arrive at the BihlerFLEX® facility as temperature-controlled raw materials.

2. Precise measures of the three parts are then combined along with the pigment for the product to be made. The mixture is created while maintaining a specific temperature for uniform blending.

3. The mixture is injected into custom product molds, which undergo a rigorous cleaning, preparation, and testing process prior to the mixtures injection.

4. The molds are then sealed and super heated in custom-built ovens which provide a rapid heating and cooling process to initially cure the mixture. This step is the first in the strengthening & molecular bonding of the products being made.

5. Each product is removed from the molds after cool down, then carefully inspected and de-flashed, then assembled on racks to prepare for the final curing process.

6. The final step of the process involves a very long and specifically timed curing process which happens in another specialized oven. This final curing process finalizes the molecular bonding process that gives the Perfect Bungee & Perfect Pet products their stretch, rebound, and tensile strength properties.


The FlexaPure® process as a whole is specifically designed to ensure you have the best possible product from our team at BihlerFLEX®, and why we stand behind our lifetime product guarantee.


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