New 1" Shock Straps! - The Perfect Bungee & ShockStrap Tie Downs

New 1" Shock Straps!

Introducing the ShockStrap 1"x10' Constant Tension Ratchet Strap, featuring gated/clip hooks coated with plastic and a safety strap behind the polyurethane bungee, with an impressive 1,500 lb Break Strength – the ultimate solution for secure and dependable cargo tie-downs.

 These high-performance ratchet straps are meticulously designed to provide constant tension, ensuring your cargo stays securely in place during transit. Here's why the ShockStrap 2-Pack is a vital addition to your cargo management toolkit:

Constant Tension Design: Engineered with a unique constant tension bungee, the ShockStrap 1"x10' Ratchet Straps maintain a consistent pressure on your cargo. This innovative design eliminates slack or movement, delivering unparalleled stability throughout your journey. Whether you're securing outdoor adventure gear or transporting construction materials, the ShockStrap 1"x10' Ratchet Strap 2-Pack proves its versatility in a wide range of applications.

Gated/Clip Hooks Coated with Plastic: The straps feature gated/clip hooks coated with plastic, ensuring a secure and damage-free connection. These coated hooks provide an extra layer of protection and durability, making the ShockStrap 2-Pack an ideal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Safety Strap Behind Polyurethane Bungee: Adding an extra layer of safety, the ShockStrap 1"x10' Ratchet Straps are equipped with a safety strap behind the polyurethane bungee. This additional feature enhances the overall security and reliability of the straps, ensuring peace of mind during transport.

500 lb Break Strength: The straps boast an impressive 1,500 lb Break Strength, showcasing their strength and resilience. With this robust Break Strength, the ShockStrap 1"x10' Ratchet Straps are well-suited for handling various loads, making them an essential tool for securing cargo with confidence.

Versatility for Any Task: From outdoor adventures to construction projects, the ShockStrap 1"x10' Ratchet Strap 2-Pack stands out for its reliability and performance. Whatever the application, these straps prove to be an indispensable tool for ensuring the safety and stability of your cargo.


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