ShockStrap Soft Ties

Bihlerflex LLC


Our ShockStrap Soft Ties are made of 1” Polyester webbing and are approximately 18” in length. The 1” Polyester webbing has a 3800 lb breaking strength and 1100 lb working load limit. Polyester webbing is superior to Polypropylene webbing and stretches less, is more resistant to rot and mildew, has a higher strength rating and a softer feel in your hands. The goal of our product is to use the figure 8 design to wrap around handle bars or along the edge of a trailer and insert the ShockStrap hook to secure your load without scratching anything.

ShockStrap Features:
• Soft Ties – Soft Tie won’t scratch what you wrap it around
• Durable – The ShockStrap Soft Tie is of 1” Polyester webbing which is a superior webbing that will last longer under UV conditions.
• Wider Strap Opening – The Soft Tie can be pulled through the opposite loop to keep it secure
ShockStrap Specifications:
• 1” Polyester Webbing rated to 3800 lbs breaking strength/1100 lbs working load limit
• 2 loops to use in multiple ways

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