Axle Straps (Pair)

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Our SHOCKSTRAP® 2" wide by 30" long Axle Straps are the perfect accessory for any of our Ratchet Strap Tie-Downs. They are rated for 3,333lbs Working Load Limit and a 10,000 lb Break Strength. Featuring Zinc Chromate Triangulated Shackles on both ends and protective sleeve to help stop strap wear and give the axle straps longevity. 

Why choose us?


We strive to make the ratchet strap better and easier to use. We have sourced the best components for our products from the USA and abroad. We are always doing our best to keep the components domestically made, this also helps to minimalize our Carbon Foot Print.

Patented Tech

Constant Tension

We are the only Ratchet Strap in the world that contains a patented Bungee Constant Tension System.



All of our straps and components are designed to the highest standards. We work with the best manufacturers to procure the highest quality of goods.

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