Our team at Bihlerflex is dedicated to helping give individuals peace of mind every day through building trustworthy and American Made products.  We do this by designing, manufacturing, and selling products that individuals can rely on day after day! Our team is just as passionate about the outdoors as our customers, and we love exploring our own backyard here in NJ, as well as traveling throughout the United States. This means we use and field test our products week after week. We love that we can create products that are able to be used in a variety of places, and we are constantly coming up with unique and new ways to use our products!  We are a team dedicating to solving problems that individuals encounter every day because we love helping others, and creating the best products we can!

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  • Nick Stavros

    It’s because of people like all of you that make The Perfect Bungee a great company. Friends and family of mine have purchased TPB’s and have only had positive things to say about them. When a product is perfected, it’s a true sign of how much dedication the team invested to produce and deliver the product. I truly believe your bungees will replace all other cheapo bungees out there! A person could never have too many TPB’s!

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