Product Spotlight: The Perfect Tie Down

Often overlooked from our various other products, this small but mighty tie down is great for the little things. It’s big enough to hold utility equipment, paddleboards, kayaks, and smaller items, and is great to have in emergency situations! It can adapt to a number of situations, and can quickly become a go-to tie down for everything small! The Perfect Tie down has a built in Flexapure bungee, 12-foot nylon rope, one gated hook, one single hook, and a secure rope lock system. 

How we use it:

1. Insert the gated hook into a ring, and unreel rope so that you have only enough to pull it.
2. Throw rope to other side of (Kayak, paddleboard, wood, etc.) and attach second hook. If you would like to, it is also possible to loop additional rope around another part of the object, in order to make the object more secure.
3. Tighten the rope until it is secure, and Flexapure polyurethane bungee is stretched. The bungee should be stretched quite a bit depending on how the object is angled.
4. Double check to make sure everything is secure, and your tie down is tight! Then go explore!



We have a variety of colors of The Perfect Tie Down's on our website, feel free to check them out today! 


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