Product Feature: Utility Suspenders

Our humble but mighty Utility Suspenders are perfect to connect to one or two hooks on a trailer, or around the garage.  They are 16” to start, and can stretch to 32” when needed, and can be incredibly useful in many situations. For example, one of our customers uses it to attach their wakeboards to their boat rack, and another customer uses it to hang extension cords on their trailer. There can be endless uses from the Utility Suspenders, and they can be great to have when organizing a garage because cords and other items can be strung from the suspender.  They also can be looped into each other to make an even longer suspender if needed. Let us know if you use them in a unique way!

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  • Nick Stavros

    I store camp chairs (the kind that fold up into a skinny bag) in between the ceiling joists in my garage, i currently use metal straps commonly meant for stabilizing water heater tanks from tipping over. My method always seems to cause my hands to get slightly cut when reaching to remove the chairs. Using these Utility Straps seems so much smarter!

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