5 of the BEST Christmas Gifts for Dad 2019

5 Christmas Gifts for Fathers

(And Brands we Love)

1) 5 Gallon Gas Can from SureCan USA

SureCan Gas cans are one of our top picks for a Christmas gift for dad. They are specifically designed with the user in mind, so your dad won’t have to tip the can on its’ side, and ultimately pour gas on the ground and on their hands. They are so easy to use and versatile, it’s hard to not have this as your go-to gas can. Lawn mowers, cars, boats, ATV’s, and other toys can benefit from the usefulness of the SureCan. Surecanusa.com

2) 1.5 Inch Ratchet Straps by ShockStrap

The 1.5 Ratchet Strap can be used for almost anything.  It has a polyurethane bungee built in to the straps that help keep your straps secure. Additionally, UTV, ATV’s, Tractors, and other larger items can be secured with the ShockStrap system.  It is a great gift because they will be used often, and are built to last! Not to mention ShockStrap offers a 2-year warranty on all their products! shockstrap.com

3) Adjust-A-Strap by The Perfect Bungee

Our 36” Adjust-a-Strap can perfectly adapt to any situation where a bungee cord is needed.  The Adjust-a-strap has 6 equally placed holes that allow it to adapt and become smaller or larger at any moment, and it is also able to stretch up to 72” when needed!  They are also made out of polyurethane and not rubber, so they will not crack or break in the sun like a typical rubber bungee.  The Perfect Bungee also holds a lifetime guarantee on all of the products! theperfectbungee.com

4) The Ultimate Tug Toy by Jersey Dog Co.

Since there’s a pretty good chance your dad loves their dog almost as much as their own children, why not buy something that could help create a stronger bond between their dog and them? The Ultimate Tug Toy is great because it helps both your Dad and pup enjoy the outdoors, and is safe for both of them! The Ultimate Tug Toy is made out of FlexaPure, which is a flexible material that does not hurt your dogs teeth, and because it is shock absorbing, your dads’ arm will also be good to go – and he maybe even play with their grand-kids after! jerseydogco.com

5) Tailored outdoor gear by Grounded Outdoor Gear

Grounded Outdoor Gear has awesome t-shirts and hats that are perfect for your outdoorsy dad. They have a range of designs and styles to choose from, and everything is “Father Approved.” They also have a variety of outdoor gear on their website, be sure to check them out! groundedoutdoorgear.com


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  • Trent

    These are all products that I personally use and couldn’t agree more! They are being bought for my dad this year!

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